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Atelier of my life

When I was young, I dreamed of a large studio.
A place, where I have a lot of colors, papers and crayons. The space, where all my fantasies become real.
Now I know that no studio is needed. Life offers us so many possibilities how to express ourselves every moment and everywhere.
Life is easy. It’s people who make it complicated. To live a life of ease does not mean to be happy everytime.
It means to accept life the way it is, with all colours and shades.

And it is art.
Each of us is an artist. Artists of his life. My name is Radomir Brhlik and this is Atelier of my life. Welcome!

Radomir Brhlik

12 thoughts on “About

  1. mariannescottwriter

    Oh my! These photographs are among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Such movement of form, such contrast! Inspires me to get more creative and maybe try some B&W’s which normally aren’t my cup of tea. But yours are truly remarkable.


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